WSP Pond Drop Test

Is your pond leaking?

The Pond Drop Test is an easy, effective way to monitor effluent pond level change.

  • Quick to set up, non-invasive testing
  • Legally compliant – meets Dairy Effluent Warrant of Fitness criteria
  • Quality assured by a chartered professional engineer
  • Suitable for a range of ponds, including concrete, synthetic, clay or unlined
  • Available nationwide with a centralised management and reporting system
  • Results presented in an easy to understand letter ready for forwarding to Regional Council if required

For more information contact: Johan Bergman

How it works

On-site consultation about your pond and system

Non-invasive pond drop mechanism installed, calibrated and left on site for 48 hours

Data downloaded and sent to analysis team

Test results provided in comprehensive, easy to understand report

Why use the Pond Drop Test?

The Pond Drop Test is the only test available that meets Regional Council requirements. It’s valuable for you both environmentally and economically as it gives a definitive answer to the question: Do I need to fix or upgrade my pond or other parts of my effluent system?

Plus, our rural professionals can discuss your options going forward for the benefit of the environment and your property.

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