Alternative land use options

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Working closely in partnership with the land owner, our locally based WSP Opus team sought to determine the viability of several alternative land uses to move a portion of a large property into productive land.


Overgrown by wattle following historic logging and cropping activities, a diverse team was assembled from around the country comprising of planners, engineers, scientists and primary industry consultants to evaluate the challenges and opportunities the property possessed.


Careful consideration was given to many, often competing aspects, such as access to water for irrigation, protection of wetlands, ability to stage the development and the market opportunities for goods produced.


In challenging our thinking we were able to produce a balanced assessment of economic, social and environmental drivers.


This approach was integral to determining the best fit with the long term objectives for the property and its people, as well as understanding how it interfaced with other competing and complementary activities, both current and future.


The final report output, including suggested ways forward, has provided clarify and the platform for empowered decisions to be made now to benefit future generations.

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