Site optimisation for orchard developments

In planning and developing orchards, decisions made up front can have significant flow on effects in terms of layout, timing and cost.


To support these decisions WSP Opus has been providing technical support and advice to a mixed audience of iwi, private and corporate driven orchard developments.


This support has enabled informed decisions to be made through the provision of the following services:
• Drone survey technology to capture aerial imagery and generate terrain models

• 3D modelling and analysis of slopes to determine suitability for planting;

• 3D modelling and analysis to optimise levels and to minimise earthworks and site clearing;

• Drainage design and watershed analysis;

• Geotechnical advice for buildings and tanks;

• Ecological and heritage assessments;

• Water resource analysis; and

• Assessments of consenting requirements.


As some of the WSP Opus team are growers themselves they are able to combine their industry and technical knowledge and understanding to utilise tools that are usually used in the engineering and construction industries and translate them into services that add significant value for orchardists.


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